"Made In The USA" has always been the core principle at K2 Engineering. To that end, we have doubled down on our efforts to insist that our supply chain partners provide us with materials and components manufactured in the United States of America. This should not be confused with American companies manufacturing in Europe, Asia, and China and passing off their goods as American made. Our end users can be assured that K2 Engineering will do everything we can to use American made products exclusively whenever possible, and we encourage our suppliers to share this vision. Realizing that in the short term, this philosophy might make our product a bit more expensive than our imported counterparts. However, we are confident that the superior quality of our goods, the after sale support, and the value that we provide to not only our customers, but also to our American based supply chain partners will result in an increase in US based manufacturing, job opportunities, and sustainable lasting prosperity for everyone.


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As An Essential Business Providing Labeling Equipment To The Packaging Industry We Are Open For Business.

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