At K2 Engineering Group, our mission is to provide cost-effective American-Made labeling solutions, and provide technical support. Our extensive understanding of the labeling field allows us to apply it to our customers every need. Our engineers are trained to meet our client’s specifications for each job that presents us. We also provide our customers with the best available equipment, parts, engineering, and services to keep their products at the highest quality level, and the packaging lines at their best efficiencies. At K2, we always strive to make your goals a reality.

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We also provide many other engineering and support services!

K2 Engineering Group offers engineering and integration services from the initial design and consultation through implementation, commissioning and after market support.

Our services are not limited to projects where our machines are being implemented, we can help you integrate a 3rd party piece of equipment into an existing line or provide line optimization practices to increase efficiency and unlock your line’s hidden potential.

Line Layout

Our staff can help design a layout to meet your packaging needs while also reducing the overall floor space requirements. We can also help plan for all the plant utility requirements: electrical, air, water, steam, etc.

Supervisory/SCADA Systems

The key to maximizing line efficiency is detecting the weak areas in the system. K2 Engineering Group can offer a supervisory control platform to monitor the conditions of the line and display pertinent information to operators and/or line supervisor so inefficiencies can be easily identified and addressed.



K2 provides documentation and training for all the work performed. We understand that a project is not successful unless your personnel are able to operate and interpret the system. We help to insure that our customers get the most out of the services provided.


Vision Systems – Detection/Rejection
We can provide vision based solutions for application from label detection to part recognition. In addition, a rejection system can also be implemented for product removal or rework.


Line Controls

We can design and provide the full controls package to integrate your new or existing line. Including all conveyor controls and integration of the equipment.

Our History

K2 Engineering Group was started in 2001 by visionaries looking into the future of labeling goods. We named our company K2 Engineering Group after the second highest peak in the world. The mountain is also known as the most challenging mountain to climb in the world. We base our company's vision on the history of K2. We see ourselves overcoming obstacles, surpassing other companies, and our customers expectations to the fullest. We intend to be an admirable leader in our market, with an incomparable reputation for providing excellent service and machines.


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