Pressure Sensitive Labelers - Base Pricing Starts As Low As $124,999!

The K2 APEX Labeling System allows the production of round, square, rectangular, and triangular shaped containers all with a single machine. The K2 APEX Labeling System utilizes the advancements in proven servo technologies alone with an operator friendly HMI access and extremely precise positioning and control of label placement on the container. K2 Engineering offers customers the ability to utilize a multitude of integration options such as a single sensor to detect the presence of a label, to integrating vision and OCR recognition combined with bar code scanning and verification. Our customers have documented in excess of 99.97% label placement accuracy.



Current Installs:

Labeler - Kerry Group - Savannah GA


Labeler - Frank-Lin Distilleries - Fairfield, CA


With a smaller base size then the competitors, our new line of labelers save space and increase productivity.












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